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Community Heart & Soul

Grant received to help establish community values.
Origin of Community
Heart & Soul
Overview of
Community Heart & Soul

Mendota receives Community Heart & Soul seed grant.

There’s something special about every town: places, traditions and attitudes. These all draw people to a place that they care about and live. Like many small towns, businesses have relocated, and numerous downtown stores remain empty. Unlike other communities though, Mendota has also suffered major building losses due to fires. Despite the few set-backs, our community is still special and is still growing.


During 2023, volunteers conducted a series of listening sessions, surveys, focus groups, and events to hear from 1700 residents on what they like about Mendota and what they want for Mendota. 

In November, at a Focus on Mendota Summit, all of the data was collected and presented to community residents, including draft value statements. Residents then utilized the information to prioritize projects that have the most impact and the most feasible to achieve. This information will guide fundraising efforts for Reimagine Mendota as well as planning and implementation for the City of Mendota.  

Click Here for the Community Report presented to participants at the Foc on Mendota Summit. 

The data and items prioritized by the residents will be reviewed and put into a workplan by Summer 2024. 


Community Heart and Soul encourages us to… Involve Everyone and Focus on What Matters Most.

Together we will - Create…Build…Thrive.

Kids Blowing Bubbles

Let's Reimagine

Together we can make a difference. 

Over the next few months volunteers will take all the information gathered
and develop a workplan for Reimagine Mendota
as well as suggestions forthe City to consider.

Volunteers will be needed for events, communications,
marketing, fundraising, and getting people connected.


If you are interested in helping
and let us know how you want to be involved. 

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