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Read all about it. Reimagine Mendota is taking action.  

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Community Heart & Soul project
leaders attend Phase 1 Training

On April 19, 2023, Community Heart & Soul coach Jason Nieses led a training attended by 35 residents to discuss project phases and opportunities. Next, project leaders will plan how to involve everyone, coordinate events, and set timelines.

One person's trash is another's gain.

April 22, 2023

Members of Reimagine Mendota, including Craig Furlong, worked to clean out a damaged building on Illinois Avenue so that the city can start repairing it.

Reimagine Mendota will have a street sale to sell the items in the building. 

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value sheets_edited.jpg
value sheets_edited.jpg

Volunteers collect resident input.

May 5, 2023

Volunteers are setting up booths at various events to gather feedback from community members regarding their preferences and desired changes for Mendota as part of the Community Heart and Soul Project. The first few events are YMCA Healthy Kids Day, Cinco De Mayo, Railroad Days and the Farmer's Market.  

Reimagine Mendota joins the Chamber

May 24, 2023

Reimagine Mendota is a excited to become a Mendota Area Chamber of Commerce member. The Chamber has been very supportive of the work we do and we look forward to our partnership. 

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Street sale cleans out building. 

June 3 2023.

Reimagine Mendota members cleaned out the damaged antique building on Illinois Avenue. Items were sold by donation and proceeds benefitted the group. Just over $700 was raised. Now cleaned out the city will begin to repair the building for future business investment. 

Volunteers start interviewing members
to learn what matters

July 12, 2023.
Reimagine Mendota volunteers met with Ballet Folkloricol Des Colores group to learn what they value about Mendota and how we can make it even a better place to live. As part of the Community Heart & Soul project, it is about involving everyone in the discussion. 

Des Colores group.jpg
Coloring sheets completed.jpg

Coloring the Community with
What Matters

July 16, 2023. Reimagine Mendota is seeking input from residents of all ages, including youth. Coloring sheets have been distributed for young people to draw pictures and share what they like. All photos will be displayed for public viewing in the future.

Reimagine Mendota hosts
Business After Hours

July 27, 2023. One of Reimagine Mendota's focus is downtown revitalization. To accomplish this we wanted to learn what businesses value about being in Mendota and how to bring more economic vitality to the city. We appreciated partnering with the Chamber to host this event and gathering the data. 


Lights on and we are Live on Illinois Ave

September 23, 2023. Reimagine Mendota hosted Free Beer and Chicken (the band) on Illinois Ave. The street  was filled with music and people connecting and dancing. The lights that got destroyed during the fire, also got replaced, bringing life back to the street.

Feeding people and souls

Sept. 11, 2023Reimagine Mendota will be hosting Food Truck Monday Mainia on Main Street every 2nd and 4th Mondays with the last on November 13. This will be a great opportunity to bring some activity downtown on Mondays. People can socialize and get fed all at the time. Music will be provided as well. 


Eighth graders take active role in 
Community Heart and Soul

Oct. 13, 2023. Eighth graders learned the art of listening and asking questions. They then used those skills to interview seniors and city officials what they like and want for Mendota. The information gathered will be compiled with the other data collected from Reimagine Mendota for the Community Heart & Soul project. 

More than 1700 residents gave their opinion

Oct. 23, 2023. Reimagine Mendota has begun reviewing the data collected by more than 1700 residents including the two young boys in the picture. Public is invited to the Civic Center on Nov. 18 (9-11am) or Nov. 20 (6-8pm) to give feedback on what matters, discuss future projects, and prioritize those projects.

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Community members
help prioritize projects

Nov. 18/20, 2023. Approximately 150 residents attended the Focus on Mendota Summit to learn about the data collected, give feedback and prioritize projects. Top projects include outdoor ampitheater or pavillion, downtown revitalization, improve sidewalks, add more events, provide more youth activities. 

Collecting input from our
young adults at the YMCA

Jan. 3, 2024. Reimagine Mendota partnered with the YMCA to host a session for young adults aged 18-24 to come give their opinion about what matters and what they would like to see in the community to engage others their age. Top projects include more events and places to hang out.

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