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As part of the Community Heart and Soul Process we are to:

Involve Everyone

Focus on What Matters

and Play the Long Game

To accomplish this we will focus on three types of projects. 


Community Connections.
We will partner and support organizations with their events and use this as a time to connect with residents to find out what matters most. 

Community Conversations.

In order to involve everyone we will be intentional to host community conversations at strategic places, neighborhoods, and common gathering places. 

Community Creations. 

Part of the mission for Reimagine Mendota is to revitalize and beautify downtown and the city. Yet these are also times to bring people together to create a better Mendota. 

All of these are opportunities to implement the core values of Heart & Soul. We hope to see you at one or all of theses community events. 

Community Connections

We have a booth at partner events for you to provide your input as to what matters most. We have been at YMCA Healthy Kids Day, Cinco de Mayo, Farmer's Market, Mendota H.S. Community Band, and Railroad Days. Look for us at upcoming events.  


Community Conversations

These will be set times to bring people together to share and discuss all things Mendota: what matters, what to change, what to add, and what to do to bring all the pieces together. 


Community Creations

There are plenty of projects in Mendota to help revitalize and bring beauty to this place. We will have opportunities for those who want to get their hands dirty to create, build, and thrive. 

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